“The property market and general economic downturn has created a growing number of issues for property investors leading to additional needs for accurate accounting and tax advice. Our team of property accounting professionals have the know-how to get you the advice you need”

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The economic downturn has created issues for property owners which mean that specialist accounting and taxation advice is more important than ever. Whether you have a single buy to let property or are a property company, there are a number of opportunities and threats that can cause you to make significant profits or significant losses.

Benefits of using Carrington Blake Accountancy for your Property Business

We believe in getting to know your portfolio in order to tailor a service specific to your needs. Our services are designed to help to protect your profits, minimising the impact of taxation, whilst growing your investment. Our team members are experts in this field and as such can help you to comply with all regulatory requirements, supporting and optimising your property investment processes.

Accurate Accounts from Day One

As a property owner, maintaining accurate accounts from the outset is vital. Unless you know what you are doing, mistakes are very easy to make. Mistakes can lead to you paying too much tax at year-end and can result in hefty fines from the HMRC.

According to the HMRC website, of the £36 billion tax gap in 2014-2015, 9% was caused by error and 15% was caused by a failure to take reasonable care. The HMRC fine people up to 70% of the total tax they owe on top of the tax they already owe, for mistakes. Don’t be a statistic, contact us today to ensure your own peace of mind when it comes to the complicated business of property ownership accounting.

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